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Celebrating 60 Years

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2 - 6 Dixon Ave
Croydon 3136
Tel 9725 8677
Fax 9723 7760

Day Services

Monkami Centre Day Services

Monkami Centre strives to empower each person to achieve their goals and dreams, providing enjoyable and meaningful opportunities. Each individual is valued and given support to become involved within their community.

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Monkami is a not-for-profit support service which has been in operation for 60 years. Presently there are 120 people with a disability who utilise Monkami Day Services.

Monkami Centre, situated in Croydon, works closely in partnership with community services and businesses to provide programs in the following areas: pre-vocational, skill enhancement, educational, fine & performing arts and recreation & leisure programs.

  • Participants are actively encouraged and supported to be independent and make choices and decisions about their life and future.
  • Participants’ abilities and potential are encouraged and supported.
  • Participants will be assisted to actively engage in their community and use the full range of services and resources available.
  • Participants are part of the community and have equal rights and responsibilities as any other member of the community.

Monkami has established itself as an organisation that is keen to collaborate with other not-for-profits, businesses, community centres and local schools to create exciting opportunities for our clients in our local area.

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